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Ex necrologium de conventus OP Ripensis

From the necrology of the Friars Preachers in Ribe


Presented by J.G.G. Jakobsen, Centre for Dominican Studies of Dacia, 2013.

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The medieval monastic convent did not only consist of the brethren or sisters living there. In one sense, also its deceased members remained an important part of the community with their memory being kept alive for future generations by readings of their names in the monastery church on the anniversary of their death days, combined with a common prayer from their live brethren and sisters for the benefit of their souls. In order to keep track of whom to pray for on each day, monastic communities kept ‘necrologies’, calendars with entries of names on deceased members of the community attributed to the particular day of their death; only rarely was the year of their death also included, as this was less important for the memorial function.

          Such necrologies were undoubtedly kept at every Dominican convent in the province of Dacia, but only one of them is partly preserved, as fragments of the necrology for the Friars Preachers in Ribe. The parchment on which the necrology was written found a new use around 1600, long after the dissolution of the convent, as binding for the register books of the town hall in Ribe, for which purpose two of the necrology pages were cut into shape. The extant fragments from this book binding cover 104 days or less than a third of the entire necrology, from within the period 1 May to 12 October.

          Although the fragments do not include any title of the list, it is evidently a necrology for the Dominican convent in Ribe. It includes the names of 83 deceased friars covering the entire lifetime of the convent, starting with Fr. Bero, “the first priest, who constructed the house” and Fr. Rano, “the first prior provincial”, to Fr. Johannes Conradi and Fr. Petrus Johannis, who both died in 1528. The necrology is obviously a transcript, apparently made by one hand (below marked as black text) around the 1440s (latest dated entries by this hand are from 1441), with later additions by other hands (marked as brown text) (Kinch 1853-56, 493). However, as the later hands also have added the abovementioned ‘constructor’ of the convent, Fr. Bero, it is not possible even to date the deceased ‘before or after 1450’ from the hands alone. Only in eight cases does the necrology itself provide the death years (from 1309-1528).

          The extant parts of the necrology have 85 entries of 83 deceased individuals and two general anniversaries – one for the benefactors of the Order and one for all the friars of the Order. At least 77 of the individuals seem to have been friars at the convent in Ribe. To judge from this, the entire necrology would have contained the names of about 270 deceased conventual friars. If each friar on average had an active career of 20-25 years, this would mean that for the entire 300 years-lifetime of the convent in Ribe, from its foundation in 1228 to its dissolution in 1531, it was manned with an average of 18-22 friars.


The extant fragments of the necrology for the convent of Friars Preachers in Ribe are preserved at The Provincial Archives of Northern Jutland (Landsarkivet for Nørrejylland) in Viborg. It has previously been published with comments by J. Kinch as ‘Nogle Brudstykker af et Nekrologium fra Dominikaner-Klosteret i Ribe’ in Kirkehistoriske Samlinger 1. ser. vol. II (Copenhagen 1853-56), 492-500.



The colour of the text indicates if it was made by the main scribe, from c. 1440s (black), or by one of the later hands (brown).







1 March


Obiit frater Nicolaus Friis sacerdos



2 March

VI Non.

Obiit frater Nicolaus Magni fidelis terminarius



3 March

V Non.

Obiit frater Matheus lector Ripensis

Et frater E…..



4 March


Obiit frater Bartholomæus Arusiensis



5 March

III Non.




6 March

II Non.

Obiit frater Nicolaus Esgeri lect…..



7 March





8 March





9 March

VII Idus




10 March

VI Idus




11 March

V Idus




12 March














1 April


…..[Mar]rtinus sacerdos

et frater Pharao accolitus



2 April





3 April





4 April


…..os qui multum laboravit pro conventu anno Domini MCCCIX



5 April





6 April





7 April


…..skilli quodam prior Ripensis



8 April





9 April



Obiit frater Martinus sacerdos



10 April


…..obiit frater Nicolaus Thome terminarius sacerdos



11 April





12 April



Obiit frater Johannes Petri lector Ripensis











13 May

III Idus

Obiit frater Bero sacer(dos?) primus huius domus constructor



14 May

II Idus

Obiit frater Laurentius Conradi lector…..



15 May


Obiit frater Laurentius Jacobi sacerdos



16 May


Obiit frater Johannes acolitus



17 May

XVI Kal.




18 May

XV Kal.




19 May





20 May





21 May

XII Kal.




22 May

XI Kal.




23 May

X Kal.

Obiit frater Thucho



24 May

IX Kal.




25 May





26 May

VII Kal.

Obiit frater Johannes Conradi 1528













13 June





14 June





15 June





16 June





17 June





18 June


…..nes Petri speciat amicus



19 June


…..Andreas Johannis sacerdos

Obiit frater Petrus Johannis 1528



20 June





21 June





22 June


…..Cristernus Ebbonis sacerdos



23 June


…..Petrus Henrici sacerdos

Obiit frater Laurentius Brwn lector



24 June





25 June





26 June


…..Cristiernus Johannis cognomentoBalni













13 July

III Idus

Obiit frater …..



14 July

II Idus

Anno Domini 1518 obiit frater Laurentius sartor conversus fidelis dispensator



15 July


Obiit frater Nicolaus Bund sacerdos

Frater (Petrus Gotzen …?)



16 July


Obiit frater Rano primus p….. (ord?)…..



17 July

XVI Kal.

Obiit frater Vincentius juvenis



18 July

XV Kal.

Obiit frater Nicolaus Henrici



19 July


Obiit frater Jacobus sacerdos

Obiit frater Petrus Magni juvenis



20 July


Obiit frater Jonas (Nic..?) conversus

Obiit frater Petrus Erici sacerdos Calmarnnensis



21 July

XII Kal.




22 July

XI Kal.




23 July

X Kal.

Obiit frater Mathias Johannis juvenis



24 July

IX Kal.




25 July


Obiit frater Sivardus



26 July

VII Kal.

Obiit frater Clemens accolitus













13 August


Obiit frater …..



14 August

XIX Kal.

Obiit frater Albertus Petri juvenis



15 August





16 August


Obiit frater Nicolaus Inglon sacerdos



17 August

XVI Kal.




18 August

XV Kal.

Obiit frater Andreas Jacobi novicius



19 August


Obiit frater Nicholaus Johannis juvenis

Item frater Jachobus Skædh sacerdos



20 August





21 August

XII Kal.




22 August

XI Kal.

Obiit frater Henricus Laly sacerdos



23 August

X Kal.

Obiit frater Johannes Henrici sacerdos



24 August

IX Kal.

Obiit frater Gregorius subdyaconus



25 August


Obiit frater Johannes Lub sacerdos



26 August

VII Kal.

Obiit frater Petrus Johannis prior Ripensis MCDXLI













1 September


Obiit frater Henningus sacerdos

Item obiit frater Petrus Otthonis juvenis



2 September


Obiit frater Lanxingus conversus



3 September

III Non.

Obiit frater Johannes Andree sacerdos

Et frater Johannes Cristerni novicius



4 September

II Non.

Obiit frater Petrus Amandus sacerdos



5 September


Anniversarium familiarium benefactor. ordinis nostri



6 September


Obiit frater Ascerus Murri sacerdos

Item obiit frater Andreas Cristierni dyaconus



7 September

VII Idus

Obiit frater Godefridus conversus



8 September

VI Idus

Obiit frater Johannes Tuonis lector Ripensis



9 September

V Idus

Obiit frater Job sacerdos

Item obiit frater Laurentius Severini subdyaconus



10 September


Obiit frater Petrus novicius



11 September

III Idus

Obiit frater Johannes Ferken sacerdos



12 September

II Idus

Obiit frater Ovidius Michaelis prior Ripensis MCDXLI

Item frater Cristernus sacerdos 1489













1 October


Obiit frater Thomas conversus



2 October

VI Non.

Obiit frater Andreas sartor conversus



3 October

V Non.

Obiit Evert Kremer maritus Lyzabeth Henrich

Frater Johannes Pauli



4 October


Obiit frater Georgius professus

Frater Johannes Pauli



5 October

III Non.

Obiit frater Jacobus lector Ottonensis.

Et frater …..



6 October

II Non.

Obiit frater Severinus Johannis professus qui fuit submersus (inter Ripas et Hellwad?)



7 October


Obiit frater Cristiernus Petri juvenis anno 1522



8 October





9 October

VII Idus




10 October

VI Idus

Anniversarium omnium fratrum ordinis nostri.

Obiit frater Dominicus cocus conversus



11 October

V Idus

Obiit frater Petrus subdyaconus



12 October


Obiit frater Offo Lundensis





Fragment for the period 1-12 September of the necrology for the convent of Friars Preachers in Ribe.

© Provincial Archives of Northern Jutland.



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